County of Sonoma

County Administrator

Filing Deadline: October 05, 2022
Gary Phillips

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Located less than 30 miles north of San Francisco, Sonoma County is at the threshold between the commerce-driven San Francisco Bay Area and the spectacular beauty of Northern California. The County extends over 1,500 square miles and is more than one million acres rich in scenic beauty and abundant open space and agricultural land. The County enjoys a diverse economy that includes agriculture and a world class wine region, technology, healthcare, tourism, manufacturing, craft brewing, retail, services, and more. The County Board of Supervisors is fully committed to a mission and vision that value high quality services to support and enrich the community, strong leadership, engaged citizen participation, transparency and accuracy in information, and efficient and fiscally sustainable government. The County Administrator acts as an agent for the Board with responsibility for the prompt and efficient administration and execution of all aspects of County government over which the Board exercises control and direction. Primary duties of the position include, but are not limited to: directing and coordinating the administration of all County functions and activities; advising the Board of Supervisors on significant policy issues; community outreach and communication strategies; conducting administrative studies of County operations, procedures, and department budget requests; preparing and making recommendations to the Board for decision; developing collaborative working relationships with the State, local government entities, and tribes; and preparing the County budget. The County Administrator also serves as the incident command Chief during disasters and emergencies.

The County Administrator should be an experienced organizational leader, a change-agent who has mastered the art of collaboration, takes initiative, is solution and results oriented, is an excellent and diplomatic communicator, and who successfully develops and fosters strong working relationships. The ideal candidate will be a creative and strategic leader with the expertise to build upon past successes, the vision to track and imagine new opportunities, and the strength of character to inspire and mobilize necessary resources. This person will have demonstrated experience successfully engaging key stakeholders to invest in and support a shared vision for the County and the community. Most typically, a qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study, and five years of responsible administrative or executive experience requiring the planning and execution of work programs or administrative operations, the budgeting and control of expenditures, and the coordination of varied activities; at least two of the five years will involve responsibilities for reporting to or working with a legislative body or policy-making board. County of Sonoma offers an attractive total compensation package. The annual salary for the County Administrator is $275,880-$333,792* depending upon experience.