San Francisco Arts Commission

Director of Cultural Affairs

Filing Deadline: September 01, 2020
Valerie Phillips

Bob Murray & Associates
1544 Eureka Road, Suite 280 • Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 784-9080 • Fax (916) 784-1985

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In addition to the online application, candidates are required to submit the following Supplemental Questionnaire as a part of the application process. Click for the supplemental questionnaire.
The San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) is the City agency that champions the arts as essential to daily life by investing in a vibrant arts community, enlivening the urban environment, and shaping innovative cultural policy. SFAC is now seeking candidates to apply for the Director of Cultural Affairs position. The Director is the administrative head of SFAC and serves at the pleasure of the Arts Commission. Candidates must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and ten (10) years of leadership experience in the arts, including at least five (5) years in an executive leadership function. The annual salary range for the Director of Cultural Affairs position is $134,706 to $171,912; placement within this range is dependent upon qualifications. Appointments above the maximum may be considered based on documented and substantiated recruitment and retention issues or exceptional skills.