Cooperative Agricultural Support Services Authority (CASS), CA
Executive Officer
The Cooperative Agricultural Support Services Authority (ďCASSĒ or ďAuthorityĒ) is a local public agency that partners with State and county agencies and the agricultural industry to protect Californiaís supply of food and fiber; protect the environment and natural resources; and maintain the economic vitality of the stateís agricultural industry. CASS is seeking a hands-on, fiscally minded, self-motivated, and entrepreneurial Executive Officer with strong analytical skills, a thorough understanding of human resources management, and a customer-service orientation. CASS is seeking an individual who can work independently and provide strong leadership in a professional, collegial environment. The ideal candidate will also demonstrate understanding of the enterprise nature of CASSís organization and the ability to manage this aspect of the Authority. Strong candidates will possess excellent communications and interpersonal skills, an accessible and responsive nature, and a desire to build and maintain strong working relationships with CASSís staff and Board, as well as with CASSís public agency partners and other external stakeholders. Exposure to the use of a temporary or seasonal workforce is a plus. A typical candidate for this position will possess a Bachelorís Degree in Business Administration, Biology, Agricultural Science, or a related field. Candidates with five or more years of mid-level and/or senior-level management experience are strongly encouraged to apply. The salary for the Executive Officer is competitive and open, depending upon qualifications and experience.
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January  12, 2018
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