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Join Valerie Gaeta Phillips, President of Bob Murray & Associates for the Women Leading Government Masterclass Series presentation on Negotiating Your Salary - Knowing Your Worth...

Valerie Gaeta Phillips, President of Bob Murray & Associates joins Lauren Sugayan and Emma Tozer from the City of Union City, CA for MMANC Webinar Wednesdays to discuss Video Interviewing and Recruiting Trends...

Bob Murray & Associates is pleased to congratulate the following recent placements...

Susan Heltsley, Finance Director – City of Las Vegas, NV
Darin Lenyi, Police Chief – City of Westminster, CA
Martha Guzman Hurtado, Chief Communications Officer – County of San Bernardino, CA
Carlos Quintero, General Manager – Sweetwater Authority
Dr. Grace Martin, Executive Director – March Joint Powers Authority
John Furtado, Finance Director – City of Los Altos, CA
George Cardona, Chief Trial Counsel – The State Bar of California
Juan Lopez, Finance Director – City of Marina, CA
Katherine Fuentes, Assistant City Manager – Cathedral City, CA
Carlene Saxton, Community Development Director – City of Moorpark, CA
Mark Duerr, Fire Chief – South Placer Fire District, CA
Sophia Crocker, Human Resources Manager – Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, CA
Alyson Hunter, Community Development Director – City of Pacific Grove, CA
Chet Madison, Police Chief – California State University, Sacramento
Michael Allen, Development Services Director – City of El Segundo, CA
Angela Magaña, Community Improvement Director – City of Ontario, CA
John Guttierez, Police Lieutenant – California State University, San Bernardino
Julie Cochran, Police Captain – City of Livermore, CA
James Laughter, Police Captain – City of San Pablo, CA
Alfonso Noyola, Interim City Manager – City of Cudahy, CA
Joyce Ryan, Community Services & Library Director – National City, CA
Garrett Toy, City Manager – City of Sonoma, CA
Alicia Welch, Fire Chief – City of Lompoc, CA
Leah Wilson, Executive Director – The State Bar of California
Norma Alley, City Clerk – City of Palm Desert, CA
Nishant Joshi, Chief of Police – City of Alameda, CA
Molly Brennan, Administrative Services Director – City of National City, CA
Mark Rincon-Ibarra, Public Works Director – City of St. Helena, CA
Dusty Christopherson, City Clerk – City of Campbell, CA
Fabian Lizarraga, Police Chief – City of Willits, CA
Shohreh Dupuis, City Manager – City of Laguna Beach, CA
Armine Chaparyan, City Manager – City of South Pasadena, CA
Hector Rojas, Planning Manager – City of Martinez, CA
Jennifer Hanson, General Manager – Nevada Irrigation District
Matt Paulin, Finance Director – City of Elk Grove, CA
Nicolas Fidler, Public Works Director/City Engineer – City of Menifee, CA
Greg Kapovich, Community & Economic Development Director – City of Lomita, CA
Kelly Sessions, Administrative Services Director – City of San Ramon, CA
Jeff Thomas, Fire Chief – Lakeport Fire Protection District, CA
Andrew Sturmfels, Administrative Services Director – City of Healdsburg, CA
Fred Armijo, Police Chief – City of Oceanside, CA
Dave Norris, Police Chief – City of Menlo Park, CA
Lauren Lai, Finance Director – City of Milpitas, CA
Adrian Sheppard, Fire Chief – City of Redmond, WA
Troy Bergstrom, Police Chief – City of Roseville, CA
Rebecca Redyk, Human Resources Director – City of El Segundo, CA
David Spiller, Police Chief – City of San Rafael, CA
Anthony Morgan, Police Chief – Humboldt State University
Jeff Armstrong, Fire Chief – City of Victorville, CA
Mark Wardlaw, Community Development Director – City of Walnut Creek, CA
David Biggs, City Manager – City of Orinda, CA
Joe Stuyvesant, President and CEO – Port of San Diego
Rebecca Bjork, Assistant City Administrator – City of Santa Barbara, CA
Srinivasa Ayinaparthi, IT Application Development Director – The State Bar of California
Brian Bender, City Manager – City of Willits, CA
Kristina Chamberlin, Director of Parks and Recreation – City of Fairfield, CA
Ralph Remington, Director of Cultural Affairs – San Francisco Arts Commission
Jeffrey Kay, City Manager – City of Healdsburg, CA
Brennan Blue, Fire Chief – City of Vancouver, WA
Deanna Cantrell, Police Chief – City of Fairfield, CA
Vanessa Wilson, Police Chief – City of Aurora, CO
Andrea Miller, Controller – East Bay Municipal Utility District, CA
Bisa French, Police Chief – City of Richmond, CA
Kimberly Krause, Finance Director – City of Santa Cruz, CA
Elias Sassoon, Public Works Director – City of El Segundo, CA
Laura Biersdorff, Police Communications Manager – City of San Jose, CA
Tara Moran, Chief Executive Officer – California Water Data Consortium
Lawrence Gonzalez, Chief of Police – City of Riverside, CA
Darin White, Fire Chief – City of San Rafael, CA
Gina Anderson, Chief of Police – City of Newark, CA
Maria Huizar, Clerk of the Authority – Orange County Fire Authority, CA
Elaina Adair, Finance Director – City of Davis, CA

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