Valerie Gaeta Phillips

President and Recruiter

Latina Owned

Ms. Gaeta Phillips has over 18 years of recruiting experience, including more than a decade of recent experience in executive search for public, private, and startup companies nationwide. Since joining Bob Murray & Associates, Valerie has completed over 40 searches in a diverse range of fields, including city and general management, planning, finance, human resources, transportation, communication and public relations, community and economic development, information technology, parks and recreation, and operations. She has recruited at all levels of municipal and non-profit organizations, from technicians and engineers to Executive Directors and Chief Executive Officers.

Valerie is valued for her passion for finding and retaining the most outstanding candidates for even the most difficult or untraditional assignments and for her commitment to her clients’ success; she is also active in a variety of industry organizations and in diversity-focused associations. Valerie is called upon often to serve as an expert speaker on topics such as managing one’s online reputation, diversity issues in municipal and non-profit leadership, and how to identify a good “fit” for organizational culture.

Ms. Gaeta Phillips, along with Executive Vice President Gary Phillips, has a passion for helping people, evidenced by fundraising, sponsorship, and involvement in raising awareness for organizations such as Autism Speaks, the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute, and the Northern California Special Olympics.

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