Sky Baclig

Senior Recruitment Coordinator

Ms. Baclig is a Senior Recruitment Coordinator with Bob Murray & Associates and is an essential part of our hiring experience. She partners closely with the executive recruiters to support hiring initiatives and is responsible for facilitating the movement of candidates through the recruitment process.

Her responsibilities entail everything from creating marketing materials, posting available positions to job boards, candidate research, interview scheduling, conducting background checks, and ensuring the overall hiring process runs smoothly.

Sky graduated from California State University of Sacramento with her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. She has over a decade of client service experience and 5 years in Human Resources. She possesses thorough knowledge of Human Resources best practices and relies on her service-oriented attitude to support management/clients and team.

She has a passion for helping people and connecting both personally and professionally. Outside of the workplace, Sky likes to spend time with her family, her dog, Oliver, and travel the world.

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